Need a Speaker?

Steve presents on a range of topics and provides training on implementing effective sustainability programs with real measurable results. Hot Topics recently have been

  1. Sustainability – How to move towards it in a measurable way.
  2. Introduction to renewable energy, energy efficiency and bringing your business into the new energy age.
  3. Bio renewable Energy – 101 to mastering Bio renewable Energy.
  4. Essential information for palm oil mills and other factories in ASEAN.
  5. End of Life for Consumer products..What happens?
  6. What is this carbon credit thing about anyway?
  7. Managing cross border projects successfully.
  8. Bio-fuels – Good or bad?
  9. Structuring renewable energy projects in today’s investment climate
  10. The new energy economy where current capability can meet our climate challenge.
  11. The Environmental counter reformation.
  12. Will I be liable for my current activities – what corporations can do to stay in front of the curve in Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR)?
  13. What is green washing and how can I avoid it?
  14. 11.     Leadership in uncertain times – Profits, People & Planet.

Steve charges commercial organisation on the following rates:

Package Fees
45 Minute Presentation US $ 2,400
Half day Seminar Presentation or Conference Chair US $ 4,500
Full Day Seminar Presentation or Conference Chair US $ 6,500
Two Day Seminar Presentation and Workshop US $ 9,500

The above excludes travel, accommodation, venue, with-holding taxes or other costs.
All attendee lists to be provided for conferences.

All materials presented are subject to copyright.

Steve can work with your organisation to develop content which may be of specific use to your organisation for additional charges.

Steve likes to support not for profits and community based organisations and would be delighted to discuss ways to assist these organisations on a probono basis.

Steve is contactable at